Benevolent Plight
There comes a time in every humans life when they are on the verge of something profound. It may be the demise, or it may be the precipice of perfection. The only thing that will lead us toward love is the connection with another one of our kind. Someone who understands the virtue of our pain and the depths of our darkness. At times, it will push you to the brink of insanity and even maybe one step beyond, to achieve the rapture that every soul desires and longs for. These pages will be filled with our journey. A journey that begins again with each new day and is a continuous work in progress. We all find ourselves, at some point in our lives, trapped in our own perpetual evolution, searching for the one who can heal the wounds on our hearts and turn the scars on our souls into faded memories and create the pathway to our benevolent plight…
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Sexual Reconciliation

Human sexuality is one of most powerful tools that we possess. This power, or immense energy, can be traced over the years as the precursor to some of the most amazingly, beautiful passion yet also the demise and peril of a great many things. Therefore I would conclude that sexuality is one of the greatest gifts that we have been given in that we house such profound power within us. I am really not saying anything new that could not be figured out by simply taking a look at the society we currently live in. Sex and sexuality are used to sell everything from music to perfume. As a people, we have, inadvertently or otherwise, figured this fact out. So that begs the question as to why we are not taught from a young age what a miraculous, profound gift that our sexuality is. We are instead instructed on the ways of total repression and  abstinence; especially from our own bodies. We are told at the youngest of ages that it is gross and inappropriate to touch yourself in certain areas. We learn from the very beginning of our lives that we need to suppress and stifle our basic urges and desires because they are dirty or perhaps wrong in some way. We are not taught that these things are healthy, normal and perfectly natural or instructed that there is a proper time and place to explore these aspects of oneself and not all venues are appropriate.we are instead told that we need to “control” these urges.We are forced  to cage them away until some unknown time when it is appropriate to feel them. Unfortunately, the proper time usually comes when we are in the throes of a novice sexual encounter where we are faced with nothing but intense sexual desire and all of the shame that is attached. I believe it is of upmost importance to distance ourselves from such repressive methods of thought and really begin to understand the beauty in our sexuality and the acute effects it will have on every relationship we will experience for the rest of our lives. So with all of that being said,  let me move on to my greater point. I do not like the term “unlearn” when it is in reference to allowing a new idea to surface, so I will refer to this process as a realigning of ones thoughts or beliefs. It is simply opening your mind to a new possibility. We can heal all of our wounds past and present, which ironically are usually one in the same, through the proper use of our sexuality. When we finally find the beauty and comfort in it, we can utilize it’s power to put our deepest,darkest demons to rest once and for all.This process begins by finding the ultimate safety in our own sexuality. Some will make this beautiful discovery on their own, others will find it with the aid of another soul and they will guide one another through this immeasurable, profound process. In any case, that is where this healing begins. Finally allowing yourself to feel this safety,will take a little time and a little work so this can not be suddenly foisted upon you with the expectation of instant, clear results. Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with your lover. You must give yourself time of self-exploration and healing. Truly begin to understand these things that have bound you for so long. Look for them, understand them, acknowledge them, embrace them for they will be your guides, and finally surrender to them. We have all been convinced of this notion that anything that is “negative” or “threatening” must be fought and battled until the fight is won. Looking at it that way only gives these things that hinder you more strength, therefore making this process next to impossible and certainly frustrating to say the least. It is most assuredly, setting yourself up for failure. Giving into the notion that we must surrender to these impediments in order to free ourselves from them can be a little difficult to truly comprehend but as I said previously, we must be gentle with ourselves, each other, and our journey. Give yourself some time.… this is only the beginning… 

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Twin Flame reunion


The Sacred Twin Flame Reunion is a love that is beyond physical. The highest state of human love is the unity of one soul in two bodies. The soul connection is a compelling magnetised vibration of sacred divine union. The intense yearning towards the other, is a knowing that comes from the depth of the one soul. You have known each other from the beginning of time. You know you are in completion. This is the true quest for wholeness at this time of Ascension. You feel complete yet have a deeper awakening upon Reuniting. You never felt this depth of connection before from a soul mate.
You know your soul is connected forever. You are a true gift to each other as well as the entire Universe. Your combined vibration is felt throughout the Cosmos. Everyone around you can feel and see the dynamic between you and your twin. The One Soul already knows who she or he is in all their aspects, for all their aspects make up the One. You realize every circumstance and experience of your whole life led you to each other through synchronicity. All Divinely orchestrated. The love of your soul, especially blended with your Beloved is beyond human dreams, is beyond human language, because as Twins, you are made from the essence of God. Twin Flames are the same soul signature/vibration. This Sacredness is beauty beyond compare. Twin flames must have complete trust and faith that the Higher Power is working for their highest good, surrendering all worries, concerns and doubts. You have to be patient in knowing that you and your Twin Flame will be reunited in Diving timing. There is nothing you can do to speed that up.  When Twin Flames unite they unite as ONE under God. The bond between Twin Flames is beyond words and it is linked to their ONE Soul. As you connect with and integrate the attributes and qualities of your other half, something magical happens - you return to wholeness within your own being, and you no longer look outside yourself for egoic gratification. The Divine Love shared, in the flow of the infinity symbol, remind them of the oneness of light to which they have returned to together. Eternally.

A metamorphosis of our souls is taking place right before our very eyes…. We have come to recognize the setbacks, the hardships, the reason for it all… The “evil” as we have come to call it…. The “demon” is another title that has revealed itself… Can one man and one women of the same soul truly combine and conquer the world?… conquer the fear?…. regret?… anger?… hate?…. The fear of losing, the regret of letting go, the anger the separation causes and the hate that brews in body…. Our rebirth began many years ago but it’s only been a matter of weeks since the true, natural, organic awareness of this phenomenon, this anomaly was discovered while we shared our lovers bed… However, you see, when the negative force… the “evil” hears even an once of happiness drip from your tongue, it will strike…. It struck me hard and fast… I showed it an opening…. one that was weak… a crawlspace to leap into and fester until the time was perfect… and when the gauntlet was finally thrown, it elevated me by the throat and forced me through a wall and left me there for dead…. It took my twin and reached into her heart and tossed her like a childs toy across to the end of the universe from where I lay dormant…. Drowning in the waters of my own ego and gasping for the breathe of my love to heal me…. When the two twins, us in this case, become separated by any means, in any way, the longing instantly begins…. the pull from our souls polarity instantly starts it’s desperate search for the missing half of itself… When we found one another after endless time had passed, we allowed the other the lick clean the wounds on our souls… the scars on our hearts… you see, we have learned that when we are together, joined, one with the other, all things are possible… all things are conquerable… this change will happen… we will proceed to search for all of the lost forgotten parts of each other… those parts of us that were created and ceased to grow at a less mature age… the part of ME thats still 7 years old and scared of being abandoned… terrified of what that abdication would do to me… the part of YOU that ceased growth when the finger of that dark soul was pointed directly at you… the part of ME that refused forward progress after feeling the touch of the vicious hands that grasped on to my guts and through them onto the floor… I just completed the collection of those insides a very short time ago… and am still trying to find the spaces inside of me that could fit such deviation and assimilate it to the current state of my souls being… The part of YOU that was neglected and needed all in the same breathe… ignored by those who you held closest to your heart… those who added confusion where there should have been clarity… Introduced you to loss when it was your time to gain, never letting your roots fully imbed in lifes rich, healing soil… WE both of US… all of US will continue to march forward, tie our shoes one lace at a time, continue to open our eyes every morning and find the beauty of the new day…rejoice in the beautiful calamity of the Twin Flame relationship… letting our souls guide us to the healing light so we can, someday, ascend together into the eternal rapture… Things have changed… things will change again… and again… Change can be life altering… Change can enrich the soul…. Change will change who we are…. forever… and our love will sustain… and burn a fervent flame for the entirety of our existence…

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